Saturday, September 10, 2011

Letting Go of Resentments The End

       So try remembering something good about that person. But keep in mind, if the bad out weighs the good you have a problem. Think about the fact that we’re all human with human flaws, weaknesses and defects.

       Try to keep in mind that you yourself are not without flaws. Nobody is perfect and some people are innately more manipulative, controlling and mean. Letting go means understanding your fellow man and woman.

       Try to get on with your own new life separate from the people you resent. Keep yourself immersed in positive activities that are just for you. Keep practicing your positive affirmations and get involved in activities that are good for your self esteem. Like joining a gym, a tanning salon or self help group.

       These are the things I’ve done to help me let go of resentments. One of my biggest philosophies is “what comes around, goes around” and it’s the truth. Even my most hated person in the world, Nicole, got it real good and Eric suffers every day.

       So do yourself the biggest favor you possibly could and let that garbage go. It doesn’t hurt the people you resent, it only hurts you.

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