Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Devotees Part 2

          Most of the devo friends that I have fall into the category of specifically desiring women confined to wheelchairs. And honestly seem to be polite, soft spoken and thoughtful men. The enigmatic thing about this is these men could never really ask you out; their opinion of you is too high or they are too afraid and shy, fearing a negative reply. So the lonesome quadriplegic is left high and dry despite many, many, romantic overtures and a long alluring friendship. One that ordinarily would progress into a different type of relationship but this one never will.

         Then there are pretenders and wannabes. According to Wikipedia, almost 50 percent of devotees pretend to have the disability they find sexually arousing. I find this very disturbing, considering I would do anything to be cured. Apparently, it stems from some sexual trauma early in their lives. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make me feel any differently about their behavior.

(to be continued)

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