Thursday, September 29, 2011

Devotees The End

       I’d like to make something perfectly clear; I am in no way judging my devotee friends and any others that happen to be so inclined. All I’m trying to do is give information to the newly injured SCI victim that they may not have. I feel it’s important for them to be aware of such persons so as not to become victims of stalkers, let down with hopes of a real relationship or leave themselves open for breach of trust regarding personal information including pictures. I’m saying this from personal experience. I got myself in quite deep on Face book so I know what I’m talking about.

       Webster’s dictionary defines a devotee as an “ardent follower, supporter, or enthusiast.” Synonyms given were “addict, buff, bug, fan, fanatic, fancier, fiend, fool, freak, head, hound, junkie, lover, maniac, maven, nut, sucker. This definition of course is a general one but still relevant. After delving even deeper into my research I was appalled to find too many pornographic websites for the devotee to count. However, it’s the social networks that I find the most men interested in me simply because I sit in a wheelchair.

       Personally, I find it so disheartening because I would love to find a male friend to form a friendship with; one that actually has a chance of becoming something more. I already have enough buddies to chat with, ones that aren’t getting a sexual thrill from it. I think it’s unfair. I crave the touch of a lover so much and I’m not getting my jollies at someone else’s expense. I’m just sayin’…

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  1. Very informative, never knew this kind of thing even existed, but then again in this day and age, nothing surprises me!


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