Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bored and Blue

         I’m sooo bored and down in the dumps. It’s been rather chilly which only reminds me that summer is over and I must endure another long, cold and dark Pennsylvania winter. Ever since breaking my neck, I’ve been completely intolerant to the cold. I’m actually not comfortable in a room under 80 degrees. So no more pretty clothes; I’m relegated to wearing sweats for five months. I know what would cheer me up, if Eric would let me do a shoot with a professional photographer.

         Well, I just got finished ordering 100.00 dollars worth of lingerie from a website called Adam and Eve and that cheered me up a little. Hopefully, I can wear it for my next photo shoot. I think I’m slowly wearing Eric down on the issue of letting someone else shoot me when I read him an email I received from a photographer who is only going to be in Pittsburgh two days in October and shoots for magazines. Well, I missed out on that due to his jealousy or over protectiveness or whatever is blocking his ego from letting me go.

         I realize I’m only rambling so until I can write in a more orderly, productive  and concise manner I shall bid you all farewell for now and have a great weekend. Oh, and GO STEELERS!!!  

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