Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Employees/Friends The End

            Some would say that is impossible to maintain a friendship with someone you work so closely with day in and day out and even if you did who’s to say you’d become friends anyway? I’m a very friendly, open person who usually wears my heart on my sleeve and has the tendency to be a little too blunt and free speaking with my opinions. I usually make friends quickly and easily and throw a wedge right between that bond just as fast with some brutally honest opinion given at the wrong time with less than friendly tact. However, a person can’t help what they are and I’ve accepted myself, character defects, faults and shortcomings. And if a person doesn’t like me I’ve decided that’s their issue not mine. So I suppose I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.

          I really do need to make some friends outside of work. The problem is I never get out socializing. Thank goodness for the internet, although that can be a mixed blessing. Losing oneself in the computer can be therapeutic but it can get to the point of an unhealthy addiction. I spend almost every waking hour on the computer and will take this opportunity to apologize for not posting for sooo long and realize it’s been a very long time. But I actually have a good reason this time; I’ve been working as a model again since I found a great networking website for models, photographers, agents, makeup artists and stylists. The DisabiliKeys project is also going well since we are just delivering a refurbished laptop to a needy newly injured SCI victim right to the rehab once a month.

          We did a photo shoot yesterday and both of my attendants/friends Kristi and Michelle helped out. They really are great girls, ladies, women and friends and I love them. I’ll post some of the best shots. Goodnight night dear followers and readers, I wish you love.


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  1. That's really sweet Lori, love you too!!!


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