Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Procrastination Part 2

          As I mentioned a couple of blogs ago, keeping a list is crucial to the person who shows “procrastinative” tendencies. It’s important not to procrastinate getting a notebook and designating it your “Things to do” book. Once you have done this start at the first page, write the date on the upper right hand line and begin. Don’t make the list so long it’s impossible to complete. Just make a list, in order of importance and urgency, the tasks you have been putting off and would like to complete, the calls you haven’t made that desperately need to be made, the emails and other mail you haven’t attended to and have been filling up your inbox and stacking up on your desk, and the housework or home repairs you keep promising yourself you’re going to get to but never quite make it.
        Believe me I know what a vicious cycle it can be; the longer you let things go, the more things pile up. The more things that pile up the more insurmountable they appear. The bigger the mountain of undone tasks you see around you the more depressed and less motivated you become. The more depressed and less motivated you become, the less likely you are to begin to tackling the ever growing mountain of tasks that threatens to bury you.
        My suggestion is to pick a day to begin writing your list and stick to that plan. You HAVE to start somewhere and writing a list is not quite so overwhelming than jumping in and just rearranging your heap of unfinished business. So grab a notebook at Walmart, some of your favorite pens ands get started on that day. Only put the top five most pressing issues on the first day and TRY to get them all accomplished. If you have 10 minute s of free time any time during the day you DO have time to exercise. No excuses!!! Especially if you are able-bodied, shame on you if you don’t work out.
(to be continued)                                                                                                                                              

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