Sunday, July 10, 2011

Procrastination Part 1

          Here I go again, trying to do four things at one time. I tell you this my friends, it’s much better than having nothing to do with my time; although I’d be hard pressed to find myself in THAT predicament. It’s wonderful to be so consumed with things to do. The only problem with that for me is I procrastinate on important tasks in favor of more enjoyable ones. I suppose that is only a natural human character defect that I just happen to possess. If I could use my hands I’d write a “to do” every night just like I used to when I was able bodied and put all the boring and difficult tasks at the top of the list so they would be the first to get done. I guess I could type up a list on the laptop and print it out then have the girls pick it up on their way into my room in the morning.
          Procrastinating leads to anxiety every time because I find myself worrying, fretting or hurrying over something I had ample time to deal with all along. It’s simply another self defeating behavior that’s become a bad habit. And like any other obsession, addiction or habitual behavior it will be hard but not impossible to break. As I mentioned in the 1st paragraph, recognizing the problem is the 1st step toward breaking the grip it has on us, You and I both know whether this is or isn’t a problem in your life. If it is, I will be writing my next series of blogs on how to recognize, where it was derived from and ways to overcome and ultimately beat procrastination in your life. That way you can take keep taking one step forward without having to worry about sliding two steps back even when you’re snow blinded by one of life’s little (or big) curve balls.

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