Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Shit List Part 3

After Jimmy was released and set up in his own apartment ironically, because most of his violent behavior was directed toward her, in the same complex where my mother lived, and Cathy quit running away from home and hitchhiking across the country to California and being discharged from the army due to health issues with a whopping alcohol problem the younger generation fought for top spot on the list. By the younger generation I am referring to my younger sister, my nephew and niece and myself.
Since my oldest half sister is old enough to be my mother (she’s 18 years older) her son Jimmy is 1 year younger than me, the same age as my younger sister Mary, and my niece Kimmy is 4 years younger than me. That was too much of a gap when we were all in school but as soon Kim hit the big 2 – 1 which is the legal drinking age where I come from, we became equals and could get into ALL kinds of mischief. My niece and nephew were so close growing up we were more like brothers and sisters. And when I got married Bill and Jimmy became best buds so the three of us became dangerous. After divorcing my husband, Kimmy and I shared a duplex with 4 college boys. We had a in ground swimming pool in the back we all shared. Fun times were had had by all I must confess. But I found myself atop the shit list more times then I wished to be. More often than not, it was a joint effort between Cathy and me. Of course, mother would blame me because her poor daughter Cathy was sick and didn’t know any better.
to be continued      

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