Saturday, June 4, 2011

Caring About Your Caregivers

        We all know that everyone has a different personality. Some will meld and seem to be like old souls reunited others will clash and seem to always be vying for position and power. It seems the way of mankind and human relationships. But one thing is certain we as human beings should be treating one another with more curiosity, more courteously, less suspiciously, with more patience, more gratitude, and more appreciation. I have two people in my life right now who try so hard to gain my approval day after day, and I often give them confusing mixed signals due to my own panic disorder. These two lovely women are my attendants/caregivers Kristi and Michelle.
        I think we take a moment and think honestly how we are treating are our caregivers/attendants. The two ladies who help me have never said no to ANY request I’ve ever made of them. And Michelle tries so hard to please if I’m having a bad day she thinks it’s her fault! My girl Kristi gave me haircut shortly after starting employment. Let’s just say I was less than satisfied with the cut and when it comes to my hair I’m a little vain. I suppose you could say my reaction was slightly overinflated and Kristi was so upset she thought I was going to fire her because she gave me a bad haircut.
Now, Kristi has been with me for a year and a half and Michelle for 5 months.( I also have an evening attendant, Sharlene, who has worked for me almost 2 years. But I need to write a blog just for her!) I would like both of these hard working, intelligent, loyal, caring,  dependable, friends of mine to understand how much I appreciate what they do for me, how they go out of their way to try and make me happy, that I realize and notice how hard they try to please me and that I love them like family, trust them with my life and am proud to call them friends. So friends be kind to and grateful for your caregivers, if you can’t …you need to hire different ones.

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