Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Keeping a Positive Attitude Part 3

Make others feel appreciated. Tell your caregivers everyday how much you admire, value and respect them and that they did a good job EVERYDAY! Praise your children on a job well done or for having an especially good grade or drawing or painting something really outstanding. Break the cycle of the dysfunctional family. Don’t ever use your children as emotional punching bags after your husband or significant other has just finished berating you about some stupid insignificant thing and tried to crush your self esteem. Be aware of these things, they happen every day to seemingly “normal” families. Really think about your relationship or family dynamic. Is it like this in any way, shape or form? If so, what are you prepared to do to save you own and if you have kids, their self esteem, image, worth and confidence? How many friends do you have that have been told their little one needs to be on some type of medication for some type of syndrome that didn’t even exist 20 years ago when I was raising my son? How many of you have friends who have sons and daughters with drug problems? It’s an epidemic! How can we maintain a positive attitude in such a world?
      ( to be continued)
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