Monday, May 16, 2011

Keeping a Positive Attitude Part 5

     We keep sugar in the house to cook with but you’d be hard pressed to find any salt anywhere in our cupboards. We don’t even cook with it. So when Eric was diagnosed with high blood pressure we knew it had to be from stress or some other bad element in his diet like sugar. Sugar is unhealthy for you in so many ways I hope I remember to list them all.
     Introducing sugar to a child’s diet too early can set in action unhealthy eating habits that can last a lifetime, not to mention cause an addiction like habit for sugar you won’t be able to break. Too much sugar interferes with every body system but especially the way the digestive tract works, which makes one more prone to infection of any kind, because it weakens the immune system and throws the endocrine system ( your glands) off kilter.
     Now comes the task of finding all that sugar they so cleverly and not so cleverly try to hide from you. The number one culprit is high fructose corn syrup. If you see this listed as an ingredient run don’t walk the other way. It may also just say corn syrup, glucose, fructose, lactose, or dextrose. These are all just ways of listing a certain type of sugar. Read the Nutrition Facts, it will always list total carbohydrates and carbs from SUGAR. It will be a percentage but if it’s more than 10, you probably don’t want it as a regular meal. I’m not telling you to never eat a fatty and sweet delicious snack or dessert for heaven’s sake I do and I weigh 107lbs. I’m talking about overall health and what your MAIN diet consists of. If you deprive yourself forever you will not be very happy and we’re talking about keeping and maintaining a positive attitude. So treat yourself, ONCE IN AWHILE and try to eat a high protein healthy diet the rest of the time. You will be happier because you will look and FEEL better.
(to be continued)  


  1. I don't use salt either. Of course you know what happens when I ingest too much sugar, especially in the morning.. So, even though my diet isn't the greatest, I do stay away from salt (unless its already in the food) and sugar (most of the time). I do indulge once in a while, especially those awesome bavarian cream donuts eric brings! :)

  2. Oh and hey, great new collage you made! Kudos!

  3. From what I understand, cane sugar (prevalent in the south) has some sort of "trigger" in it that suppresses the desire for more sweets, where beet sugar has less of this "trigger" and high fructose corn syrup has none whatsoever. That's why one can seemingly never satisfy a craving for sweets when you're consuming (as I've heard it called) highly f***ed up corn syrup.

    Also explains why the awesome rise in childhood obesity--kids dont' know when to say no, they're like dogs... they'll eat until they can't physically hold another bite, if it tastes good :)


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