Friday, May 13, 2011

Keeping a Positive Attitude Part 5

Also, the better you are feeling physically the better your outlook will be. That’s why my diet and vitamin and supplement regiment is so important to me. There are just a couple of rules of thumb for a basic healthy diet. Drink LOTS of water, at least nine 8 oz. glasses a day. Don’t drink pop or soda, not even diet, it is horrid for you. Cut out or at least down on sugar and salt, both terrible for your mind and body. Cut down on BAD fat, believe it or not there IS such a thing as good fat. These fats contain essential fatty acids which are called Omegas. There are two you need for optimum health: omega 3 and omega 6. You can get omega 3’s mainly from cold water oily fish such as tuna, herring, salmon and mackerel and omega 6’s from walnuts, canola oil, flax seeds and soy beans. But lucky for us, everything comes in a supplement these days so you’ll know you are getting enough. There is also evidence that omega 3 fatty acids can treat depression! These types of fats are called polyunsaturated and most people know that saturated fat is no good for you, but monounsaturated fats and trans fats are just as bad.
And last but not least cut out preservatives at least MSG. Read the label! Chances are if it comes premade, it’s loaded with fat, salt, sugar and/or preservatives. That goes for a lot of these frozen “healthy” meals. When in doubt, read the label.  Of course, this is where they do their very best to confuse you. Allow me to help you out.
Don‘t just read the front of the box where it states in bold letters LOW IN SATURATED FAT! Meanwhile, if you take the time to read the Nutrition Facts, you may find it is 35 % monounsaturated fat which is basically Crisco. Or it may truly be low in fat and to make up for the loss of flavor the manufacturer may have added extra sugar. And sugar has many aliases. You should try to learn as many as possible because of the top three saboteurs ( sugar, fat and salt) of the American diet, sugar is the worst because it acts like a drug on your body systems and brain, it causes many health problems and ALL age groups are affected by it.            

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