Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Group Therapy Online?

       Yesterday I asked if any of my readers had any questions about me, my blog, or comments about themselves and their lives. I haven’t gotten a response. Well, I came up with two possible reasons why: first, my followers aren’t actually reading my blog and I’m writing for no one, no reason, no mission and in vain and/or secondly, you have no questions due to my super human ability to weave and twist the English language into a magical, super descriptive, ultra entertaining, highly educational tool that leaves absolutely no stone unturned, no angle unexplored, no door unopened and therefore no need to be debated or questioned in anyway.
       Since we all know that although I have my moments when I actually do write like a “real writer”, I am mostly mediocre. So I thought I would try and cleverly reword my post to see if I could get at least SOME of you to leave a comment or post a question to perhaps get a new topic to discuss. If you, my friends, are satisfied with my blog and the way it is set up that’s fine, if you have suggestions, questions, or accolades please write them in the comment space.
       One last thing, if you’d like to share an experience that relates to this subject please use the comment space provided or email it to me and I will share it with our friends and give you my take on the problem, situation, experience or question. Thank you everyone for allowing me this experimental group therapy type situation. I firmly believe it would be a powerful way to share, learn, grow, and form friendships.

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  1. Can't resist your request for comments. My wife is C6-7 since 1983, and we've been married since 1998. I see a lot of her in your writings, and I hate to say it, but I can understand Eric in a lot of your descriptions about him.

    I had planned to wait and comment when I "caught up" to present time, but after seeing the dearth of comments so far, I had to drop you a line and tell you thanks for doing what you're doing!

    Gregory, Tex.


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