Saturday, April 30, 2011

Billy Left Home Again Part 2

12-15-99 c.

If I could only make up
       All the time that was wasted
       Perhaps I’d not have been seen so blind
       Maybe I'd seen the tears that you’ve tasted

       When I lay down to dream
       You’re still my chubby 3 year old
       I guess I thought we had forever
       Before we both became this old

       You’re too big now to sit on my lap
       And much too busy to lie down for a nap
       Your voice so deep and you so tall
       As if you were never a child at all

       If for just one day I could turn back time
       To make up for a young mother’s folly
       I’d change the world you had to survive
       And see your careworn face turn jolly

       We get but one chance my only son
       To remember the love we each have to give
       You’ll understand for my forgetting sometimes
       I’ll be there for you now … to help you forgive

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