Friday, March 25, 2011

Skin Care Part 2

 Unfortunately though, the damage was already done in BOTH our cases. There is no way to reverse paralysis, YET, I was still depressed enough to feel like nothing was working; not the meditation, the exercise, the good healthy diet nor Eric’s attempts at being more attentive. My mind kept thinking the worst and my mouth kept saying the worst at the worst possible times that I ever could have. I didn’t mean to sabotage our time together, it just happened. I tried to always act upbeat and pay special attention to everything Eric was saying, that way I couldn’t be accused of not listening and interrupting when he was trying to speak to me. But like all humans I sometimes fell short of the mark but Eric seems to thinks he is above making mistakes. In 17 years I can recall him apologizing half a dozen times. And they were for BIG mistakes. Nonetheless, I am rambling again so now I will get back on topic and give you the information I promised.
        We put the air topper right over the craftmatic’s softest foam top and set in on 3 ½ . Even my recurring tailbone callous healed sleeping on my back all night on the air topper on my craftmatic! Eric’s feet and legs were less painful because he getting more sleep, even if it was an hour or two or maybe even three. It WAS helping! Now, the recurring callous and scab that I’m talking about on my tailbone came from my stay at Select Specialty in Latrobe, PA after spending 4 weeks in Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA where I got 2 stage two bedsores on my sit bones and 1 stage 3 on my coccyx (tailbone). It took 4 months to heal them BUT the tailbone never completely healed; it always had a hard scab on it that was a defense mechanism against the hard surfaces of the chair, bed and shower/potty chair.
        The easiest way to examine your skin is before, during or after an shower and in the am and pm when your attendant has undressed or before they have dressed you for the night or day. If you are able to dress and undress yourself, keep a long handled mirror near or under your bed so you can see every inch of your skin. Keep your skin well moisturized with a good over the counter body lotion. If you find a red spot or area gently depress the area with your finger or knuckle; if it turns white you are probably alright. If it stays red it’s time for dread. Call your doctor right away so he or she can have a look at it. In the meantime, remove ALL pressure from area for as long as possible. Apply some skin prep with clean hands to affected area to protect it until you can get to the doctor unless otherwise directed.
        Area that are especially vulnerable are heels, sit bones, tailbone, ears, elbows, and any particular joint you may repeated sleep on for example your shoulder or hip. The best way to avoid bed sores is to MOVE throughout the night and change positions at least once. Or do what a friend of mine does; she uses the bed to shift her weight. She has a craftmatic just like mine and raises and lowers the head and feet to shift her position in the bed.
(To be continued)


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  1. You mention you have a "tailbone callous."

    Can you describe this?


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