Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Routine 3 Exercise Routine II

Exercise Routine 11
Check BP (I use a wrist BP cuff) as shown. Have attendant strap on your weights. Tilt chair to your comfort level.
1.    Begin by lifting arms bent at elbow up and out to the sides and then bring fists together. Repeat up to 35 reps
2.   With arms still in the lifted position, push elbows backwards remembering to keep your elbows lifted. Repeat up to 35 reps.
3.    Rest for a moment always keeping hydrated with water. Tilt chair to crunch position. Do your starting reps or whatever you’ve decided on not forgetting your oblique muscles. Do same amount of reps for your obliques.
4.    Tilt chair entire way back; make certain you are not too far reclined. Do chest exercise as shown in photo or as described as followed. Starting low do flies and in 5 parts work your way up your chest until you are even with your chin. Flies are exercises in which you start with yours arms down and lift as if you are hugging a barrel and bring your fists together. Work up to 15 reps each movement. Depending on your triceps strength lift your arms as high above your chest as you can. REALLY push yourself. It’s worth it!
5.   Now do your presses and bicep curls. 3 sets each. Alternate between exercises and do up to 40 reps each.
Keep in mind if you haven’t worked out before or not for awhile start with light weights and low reps and build up over time. A good rule of thumb is this; if 25 reps are too easy, you probably need more weight. Then, if your workout becomes less challenging, add a pound to each weight and so on. So you will have enough weight for a long, long time. That is why it so important to buy adjustable ankle/wrist weights. These are easily found for reasonable prices at Wal-mart.






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