Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catheter Change Part1

        Now let’s discuss changing your suprapubic catheter. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to go to your urologist or have a visiting nurse do this procedure for you. All you need is to have your catheter supplies (I use Bard) delivered to your home once per month through a medical supply company and get approval and  perhaps a little training from your doctor IF you don’t trust my instruction. Or you could print my instructions, discuss them with your urologist and see what he or she has to say.
        At any rate, here is what you will need:
1.  1 insertion tray – 3 packets betadine, 1 packet surgi-lube, 1 saline filled syringe, draping gauze, sterile gloves
2.  1 irrigation tray
3.  An 18” length of tubing
4.  A leg bag or night bag ( any size)
5.  1 catheter ( find out what size you use from your doc or nurse)
6.  1 graduated collection container
You will want to fully train your attendant in the proper procedure of changing your catheter at intervals given to you by your physician. I have mine changed every two weeks or twice a month because I am prone to bladder stones. Changing more frequently has alleviated that condition completely.
First, have your attendant WASH HIS OR HER HANDS thoroughly! You will want to remove the old catheter but before you do the bulb needs to be deflated and emptied of any remaining saline. If this is your first solo catheter change you may not have an extra syringe lying around and may need to cut the catheter at place where the saline is injected. Be careful your attendant doesn’t cut into the plastic but cuts the rubber and the old saline will drain out deflating the bulb thus allowing the catheter to be removed comfortably.
Drape the area around the hole and open the betadine packets one at a time.  Swab the hole in a circular motion using all three packets making a larger and larger circle until you have swabbed about a 4” diameter around the catheter opening. The area is now completely sanitized.
(to be continued)  

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