Sunday, March 6, 2011

Daily Routine Part 2 Afternoons

Afternoon Routine
        Lunch – 1 large apple or pear ( any variety) sliced, 3 – 4 ozs. Of  sharp cheddar, swiss, or Monterey jack cheese, sliced and  whole grain crackers like Trisckets
1 Green Giant veggie meal and a Dole fruit cup
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich on whole grain bread with 8 oz. milk or 8 oz. of  V-8 fusion ( depending on what you drank at breakfast)

Afternoon workout
        For my workouts I use two 5 lb wrist weights and workout 6 days a week alternating between two routines. Since I have so few muscles that actually work, I’ve had to become pretty creative.  Although, since we began muscle stimulation, I can do several exercises now that I could never do before. Everything seems to be coming together.

Make certain your blood pressure is at least 110 over 70 or you will be too weak to get the best exercise possible. Wait at least 1 hour after lunch and 1 hour before dinner (try not to eat later than 7:00pm). Invest in a set of adjustable 5 lbs wrist and/or ankle weights. Start with the 1 lb and add another lb to each weight every time a set of 35 is too easy.
Workout 1
        Have your attendant strap your weights to wrists tightly. If you’re like me and have skinny little arms, you may have to slide a little of your hand inside the weight. Ask your caregiver to tuck your thumb into your hand so you can have a tight fist. Tilt or recline your chair a little to make up for the added weight that will be trying to pull you forward.  Once you feel comfortable begin your routine in the following manner. Between each exercise give yourself a few moments and drink plenty of water throughout workout.
1.  Hold your arm straight out in front you and lift straight up thumb first. Repeat up to 25 reps. Repeat exercise on other arm.
2.  Next hold your arm out at the side of your body and lift straight up thumb pointing up. Repeating on other arm. Up to 25 reps.
3.  Place both elbows on arm rests of your chair press both arms upward as close to your head as you can. If you are like me your triceps are very weak and you will not be pressing above your head but slightly out in front of you either way as long as you do 35 reps you are working a different part of your shoulder.
4.  Tilt your chair back a little more so you can do your crunches and side crunches. Make sure your chair is back far enough that you have to use your stomach and oblique muscles, but not so far that you can’t do the exercise at all. Hold your arms up near your ears and begin your crunches. Start out doing 30 reps straight up, 30 reps one elbow pointing right, lay back, lift with elbow pointing left, for obliques.
5.  Tilt chair all the way back and work on chest by holding arms out to the side as low as possible. Start with 5 reps each exercise building up to 10. After doing your first set move your arms slightly up your chest do 5 more reps. Keep moving your arms a total of 5 time until you above your head or even with your eyes. Make certain one set is directly across your chest. Rest for a few moments. Drink some water. Then start at the top of your chest doing 5 reps each until you’ve worked your way back down to starting point.
6.  Start with 20 reps and do military presses alternating them with 20 reps of bicep curls. When doing your curls hold your arms as high as you can so you can involve your triceps. Rest between each set and drink plenty of water. Do a total of 3 sets each.
7.  Depending on the level of your injury and how much triceps strength you have you will have to slightly alter this exercise. Lean to one side so you can lift your arm using your triceps muscles straight up, slightly out or out. All of these will work you’re your triceps and try as hard as you can to lift higher than you’re supposed to be able.

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