Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eric Part 1

          I don’t how much more bullshit I can take from my miserable fiancée. I understand the man is in pain from the degenerative neuropathy in both feet and lower legs, but I refuse to take ALL the blame when he refuses to take care of himself. If I even offer a solution to his swollen legs or sore ankles I am a “dumb cunt” or a “fucking bitch”. It’s as if he wants me to hate him. But then he’ll do something like he did on Valentine’s Day. Bought me roses and candy, a teddy bear and a card that he picked out special, wrote in about how our love has lasted through all the trials, and kissed me tenderly goodnight.
          Now he has just given me 15 minutes post because his legs hurt and told me that would help him get back on his feet. So I would like to change the subject to time management which was always meant to be the topic of tonight’s post to begin with.
          I really don’t have as much control of what I do or don’t have time for on any given day. For instance, today Eric had to go to Accessabilities to drop off our employees’ timesheets because he failed to finish them Sunday or Monday as he should have. So I had to stay in bed until he got back because I had to move my bowels and I went without a shower AGAIN. I haven’t had a shower since Sunday. By the time I was cleaned up and dressed it was 2:40pm. That’s when I got the chance to begin my day. So how do I manage my time when I have doctors to calls, P.O.’s to keep at bay and medicine to refill? Not to mention a house to run, weight to keep up and employees to reign in? This doesn’t leave me with enough computer time which I need desperately!   

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  1. It is classic abusive behavior to call names, attack your self-esteem, etc. repeatedly. Then, occasionally be "perfect" and loving. The psychological principle is called "intermittant reinforcement". You keep trying for those occasional nice moments.

    Yes, I keep saying the same things. Get away from him, he does not love you, he is only controlling you.


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