Friday, February 18, 2011

One More To My Mystery Readers

Pardon me for one post my friends to get something off my chest, thank you, Lori Ann.
To whom it may concern,
       It would seem to me that neither of you have heard of “intermittent sarcasm”.  If one you still thinks I’ve NEVER discussed my relationship of seventeen years with my therapist of ten years and the other thinks I really want or need a thesaurus after reading fifty of my posts (if you DID indeed read them all, if not therein lies the problem) then I mustn’t be as good a writer as thought or the two of you simply aren’t reading my posts very thoroughly. I am honestly at a loss for words. Although, I did get a giggle out of Anonymous II correcting the “professional” Anonymous I’s spelling error. 
       I do promise to stop having it out with my commenters and get back to posting tomorrow friends. Things have been truly crazy around here. Is there some strange alignment of planets I should be aware of or something?

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