Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here We Are

        Here we are at the first day of February, the day that non-officially marks the beginning to of end of another long, cold, snowy, dark, depressing, Pennsylvania winter. I’ve always felt that the beginning of February was sort of the “hump day” of winter and once past that I could survive the brutality of the rest just by seeing the sun rising earlier and setting later in the day even though some of our worst weather may very well be yet come. I remember a Nor-Eastern storm on St. Patrick’s Day back when I was attending the Art Institute in Pittsburgh that crippled the city with three feet of heavy wet snow. I made it into the city that morning to go work on 53rd floor of an office building where I had a loathsome position as a telemarketer. We were told to leave early because of the weather report and on my way back to the trolley I stopped at the state liquor store to pick up some sustenance (I had quite the drinking bug in those days) and headed back up the Mount to one of the unsavory parts of the city where I lived with my roomy Dave to wait out the blizzard.
        Let’s hope we have an early spring the like we did last year when there was suddenly a 70 degree day in March and the weather decided to never go back and we went right from winter straight into summer with no long rainy season, no cold and flu transitional period and no “in like a lion out like a lamb” or vice-versa. We had a quadriplegic’s wet dream of a summer hot and dry nearly every day for four months, in PA! That just doesn’t happen. Oh well, one can wish, hope, pray and dream…mmm.
        This reminds me of my first followers. A group who have a website called Lookville.com It’s a website dedicated to and run by ordinary women who LOVE fashion and share tips, pics, and give opinions about different outfits, jewelry, shoes, accessories ect. They really liked my collage and invited me to join their site so I did. Too bad I haven’t found the time to participate the way I’d like to; they have followers similar to blogspot and I’ve lost all but one (last time I had a chance to look) which is a shame. I just don’t have the time to get my attendant to dress me up in a special outfit take pictures than have my hubby put me back in bed to be changed into something warm enough to wear all day and then hurt his back putting me back in my chariot, adjusting me, getting my feet straight so my knees don’t ache and so on and so on…I really should explain to these the ladies and bow out gracefully. I’m just thrilled I able to give these sweet women a shout out. I barely have time to update my blog each day and for this I sincerely apologize.
Goodnight dear friends and sleep well until we meet again.   

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