Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
          I’m not certain if you’re aware but you are posting comments on blog written by a quadriplegic woman talking about the slow and sometimes painful mental, physical, and emotional rehabilitation process from a spinal cord injury and the ongoing process of living with that injury and the effects it takes on her personal relationships. You are NOT taking part in twelve step program where your anonymity may be compromised affecting your job, interpersonal relationships, and standing in the community. In other words, if you want really want me to take your advice seriously, please come out of the closet (so to speak) so that I might check your credentials. After all, you must be a professional judging from the conviction with which you write these comments and there’s nothing like free advice especially from someone who’s obviously “been there” as you most certainly must have.  Also, I do so appreciate you looking up big words for me and diagnosing my self destructive behavior. Oh my, I suddenly feel the need for a super hug from Eric and a thesaurus!   
Lori Ann Mary Bosley                        


  1. Lori, the last person commenting as Anonymous may have left you feeling like you needed a thesaurus, but he or she needed a dictionary. The term is actually "intermittent reinforcement," not "intermittant reinforcement."

  2. I'm sorry, I don't have a blogger id or whatever. And I'm pretty private on the internet.
    You can take my advice seriously, or completely ignore me. Better yet, talk about it with your own therapist.
    Yes, I realize you are a quadriplegic - but I really don't believe that makes a difference to what I'm saying. You don't deserve to be abused regardless.
    For what it's worth, yes, I am trained as a psychologist. And I've worked in domestic violence - both with the victims and the abusers in their court ordered program.
    You seem to be angry at me - I'm not trying to upset you - but reading your posts, I am struck by the similarity.
    Again - who am I to you? No one. But you say you have a therapist - terrific. Tell him/her what I said, and perhaps you'll have an interesting discussion.
    I do wish you well.


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