Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching Up

       I’ve been having some rather unique health problems lately. The most bothersome and alarming has been my ongoing issues with my stomach. Very nearly as frightening is a skin problem that is leaving scars on my body and my face. Thoughts of Job have flashed through my mind, but then I find myself begging forgiveness for ever having such a thought. My spiritual relationship with my higher power STILL isn’t right. That’s at least two areas of my life that need working on.
       My stomach has been bloated, full of gas and swollen and tender. I’ve been so constipated after two days of stool softeners and laxatives only produces a small amount of hard stool , it has made me late for appts., made me crazy because I can’t wear my clothes, and left stretch marks on my stomach from blowing up so big. No matter what I eat it makes me nauseated, gives me gas and makes my blood pressure plummet. My doctor has given me the name of a specialist he wants me to see, I will keep you posted.
       Now the skin issue is so bizarre it’s terrifying because I know the permanent scarring happening to my skin will never be corrected under my insurance. I just woke up one morning and there would be a scar on my leg. It looked as if someone burned me with a cigarette and it had healed for a long, long time. The next day there was a very large one on my left cheek with several smaller ones around my eyes and forehead. I was mortified and got the name of a dermatologist right away. My appointment is next week, which isn’t soon enough for me.
       Eric also made a confession to me this week. He told me he very depressed and in deep rut. He told me he was overwhelmed by the all the work that needed done around here and on the van , and the less he got done, the worse he slept, which meant he was in more pain, his blood pressure was higher and he was more exhausted. It was a vicious circle that kept going round and round. I felt very sad for him but that still doesn’t give him the right to call me names, put me down, and pick fights with me all the time.

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