Monday, January 31, 2011

Please Read Revised Post

       Hopefully, I have given you a complete and concise overview of the last six years without leaving out too many key points and not rambling too awfully much.
       My biggest regret is that I felt I couldn't go into all the detail of every dream and hallucination I had the second time I was hospitalized. Some of those dreams were could be made into novels in their own right.
       I would like to thank all of my followers and invite them to become my friends. I certainly realize how much time it takes to maintain a blog but I'd really appreciate any and all friends.
       If you know someone who is spinal cord injurd please let them know what my mission is:
       To help the newly injured (particularly women) regain their sense of self esteem, worth, image, and confidance and let them know that are as beautiful, sexy, intelligent, artistic, athletic, and WHOLE as they ever were and no dream is out of or beyond their dreams even if they must do things alittle differently! We are NOT cripples we are SUPERSTARS! We do NOT ride in wheelchairs we drive CHARIOTS!

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