Friday, January 7, 2011

My Story Chapter Ten Part 4

                 Now since I had pneumonia and had to be reintubated, I was being given propofol again to keep me sedated and calm. So it was back into fantasy land for me. I, of course, was chosen to be the guest of honor to attend the party at the castle (from my first dream) and ultimately meet the (sorcerer/demon /vampire?) black magic man of a host and be his special lady for an event of the evening. The affair itself was so fantastical, freakish, and yet erotic I found every sense alive and tingling with wonder, fear, and excitement. The party was filled with such outlandish characters and bizarre scenes it would take five pages to describe it all. Let’s just say it was like being in a Disney production combined with a horror flick with dash of sci-fi just fun. And every function was designed to make me feel good like the warm feeling you get in your stomach with that first drink, the calm that only comes right before you fall asleep, or the passionate afterglow while lying in your lover’s arms.
         But there was a part of the dream so incredibly weird I just can’t leave it out of this story. To have the private audience with the black magic warlock I had to pass a series of trials to finally win the grand prize. He lived in the uppermost spire of the black castle which seemed to be built into a mountain side. However, after each gathering and ultimate ritual the castle magically moved and became invisible again. Only word of mouth spread where the new meeting place was going to be held to pick out the fresh party goers and fortunate special guest. At any rate, I had climb through a series of small tunnels and narrow jagged crevasses to the very pinnacle of the wizard man’s lair where he sat on a padded throne awaiting my arrival. As I approached him my heart began to race, my breaths came faster, and a heated longing filled my lower body. He was so frightening yet so beautiful it took my breath away but somehow I knew that under this guise was something so evil, so grotesque, so horrifying just to catch a glimpse would strike me mute. I sat down before him half out of exhaustion half enchantment.
         Finally the conclusion of the ceremony was at hand the reason for the party, the reason for the hunt for perfect prospect. The black magic man opened his hand and in it was tiny green glowing crystal. “Swallow this, my darling,” he said, “It will take you to the stars.” I did …and it did…on unicorn’s wings. (to be continued)       

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