Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Story Chapter 12 Part 1

          After Eric’s soul searching confession I was practically obsessed with his every move. Especially, his facebook page and yahoo IM which he grudgedly gave me access to so I could leave him messages on it. However, he did lecture me about how stupid it was for me to IM him since we live in the same house even though as I tried to explain the house is huge and sometimes he’s upstairs besides it’s fun and romantic to leave each other little messages. Well, I was the only one leaving messages and he completely ignored them to chat with Devie instead. If I dared bring it up, I’d get the assault that poor, dear, sweet, deathly ill, Devie needed a friend to talk to and I should stop trying to get between them because it was NEVER going to happen. If I tried to defend myself and ask why he didn’t answer my messages, he went back to the same argument. We live in the same fucking house what the fuck does he need to leave me a message about? How sweet was that?
          This was time period that my sister Mary was working for one day a week. After the holidays in 2009, we decided it would be a good time to place an ad in newspaper for a full time person to replace Nicole. I already had evening help since the girl that had been working full time I replaced with Nicole and offered her weekends instead. She didn’t go for that though and quit. But her mother, Sharlene, became my late shift lady and a good friend about Sept. ’09. Anyway my sister asked if I would keep Thurs. open for her because she was attending college every other during the week and she and ex had split custody of my nephew Shane on the weekends. I told her I would and finally rounded out my schedule in late Jan ’10 a with wonderful girl named Kristi who would do anything for me and never refused one single request. I ended up not needing a weekend employee since Mary worked 12 hours on Thurs. and Kristi took Sat. as her fifth 8 hour day. I thought Eric would be happy that the state increased my hours and we had so much more help but it seemed like nothing satisfied him.

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