Monday, December 20, 2010

Unhappy Holidays and an Unfamiliar Family

        Tonight my mother called me for the first time in six months. During that time my son Bill, who is a recovering heroin addict, relapsed and committed a series of crimes. Not one person in my "family" bothered to pick up the phone and call me to inform me that my only child had been charged with theft, DWI and a felony forgery.
          My birthday came and went no calls, no cards, no visits...that was November 6th. Eric went out of his way to make it special...his Mom and Dad came out as well as all of my friends but it still hurt that my own blood forgot me including my son.
         The family Thanksgiving meal was planned for the fifth year in row inaccessible to me and my wheelchair. This was AFTER I made a phone call to my "loving, nurturing, caring" mother the day before and asked where the dinner was to be held this year and when she told me I wept.
        The next day I didn't even get ONE phone call from any member of my family...not one. Once again my adopted parents came through. They brought Thanksgiving dinner to us. I've known Eric's parents so long now it is as if they are my own and  I love them just like they were.
         Tonight I was graced by a phone call from Mom announcing that she and my younger sister Mary were stopping out this week because SHE wanted to see me and had a gift for me. Oh, is that right, Mom? Does your busy schedule have an opening to squeeze me into? And MARY has the time to bring you out? Well let's just hold on one second shall we? I will let you know what day and time is convenient for ME, okay? That's when I found out my Billy was back rehab awaiting his court date.
            So forgive me for not yet being in the holiday spirit. Eric brought in a six foot fresh tree last evening and tells me Santa is bringing lots of special gifts. So who knows...
                                                                                                                                             This is my sister Linda, my  younger sister Mary             

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