Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Kimberly with Love

          Today I was left an anonymous comment on my “Happy Holidays” blog. I’m still shaking with grief, rage, and dejection. After reading it I sat back in wheelchair pondering what could have made my niece Kim, whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in almost six years, spew such bile after reading what honestly is a toned downed version of my relationship with my family. I was accused with great animosity of not getting my facts straight and given a numbered list of reasons why she never came to see me after my accident. Several of which had nothing to do with her and I and one, if it had been true, would have occurred before the accident. At any rate, most of the information would have had to come from someone that has been in my house … which means my little sister Mary.
          There was a time when Mary and I were so close it was if we were twins. Thinking the same thoughts, finishing each other’s sentences, and relating on an almost soul mate basis. I’m not sure exactly why we drifted apart; perhaps the shock of our older sister Cathy’s death or maybe my ever growing drug problem. Both happened around the same time so our relationship may have started to dissolve around that time. Regardless, it was never the same, even before I broke my neck, and I mourned it just like I mourned the death of Cathy. But now Mary cares so little about me that she would tell our niece that Eric tried to rape her in my bathroom. Kim made certain she put this gem in spiteful comment.
          What bothers me the most, besides missing seeing my great nephews grow up, is how easily Kim has forgotten all the things Eric has done for her and her husbands and children. He’s moved them from place to place and worked on their cars and houses. Of course there was no mention of this in her scathing comment. Shame on you, Kimberly, don’t you still love your Aunt Lori? What are you teaching you boys? Only hatred, mistrust, and resentment… I’ll pray for you.     

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  1. I'm so sorry someone lashed out at you, especially someone with whom you used to be close. I would guess that she is coming from a place of anger and spite for some reason. Of course it must wound deeply, but no need to spend too much time grieving over it or responding directly to her vitriol here -- simply because she might post more vitriol in response, and you certainly don't need to read such negativity.

    Thank you for continuing your blog; it's doing a good service and you have at least one regular reader who is NOT a spiteful family member, LOL. I really appreciate the breath-taking honesty with which you detail the good, the bad and the ugly you have been through so far.

    Take care, happy New Year's and I hope that 2011 will be a good year for you and your loved ones.


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