Monday, December 13, 2010

My Story Chapter Seven Part 7

          Eric tells me I regained consciousness after nine days after lapsing into the coma and being moved AGAIN back to the ICU one morning when he was on his way in from our home about an hour and a half away. They had given up trying in the NICU, after a spinal tap failed to show what was going on, the blood transfusion didn’t yield any results, and eight or nine anti seizure meds failed to bring me around. Even after experimenting with two or three given at once. When he arrived at my room, with the glass doors and windows, I was sitting up wide awake chatting away with a large group of doctors and interns. He rushed to the bedside, elbowed his way through the throng and bent down to scope me up into his arms. He gave me a big bear hug and showered my unwashed face with kisses, “Honey, are you okay?” he excitedly asked. I was so happy to him and the tube in my lungs had just been removed so my voice was very weak but sincere when I told him I was fine now that he was here. Then he turned to the flock of doctors and began firing questions at them. Evidently, I had awakened that morning and a nurse found me alert and struggling to summon someone.
          *After having my first request granted which was to have my teeth brushed, the nurse washed my face and hands and gave me quick bed bath so Eric and I could be alone. He kept looking into my eyes and telling me how much he loved me.  Then he made me three heartfelt promises I’ll never forget but he apparently has. He told me when got home he would never scream or verbally abuse me again, he would never again hit me out of anger (which believe it or not he honestly DID do that!), and he would never again have another woman. I was so happy I cried with joy and clung to him with all my strength. Eric stayed the whole day and spent the night that day so felt safe enough to relax and sleep. Once out of the coma I was slowly getting my regular medications back. If it weren’t for Eric’s bitching and threatening I probably wouldn’t have had any of my meds. *Alas, this was the only portion of time I remember with any clarity while in Presbyterian Hospital of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
          Now I can’t say everything was a hallucination, delusion or dream but I have too many bizarre memories to have been completely lucid. I do remember Eric and Dale taking turns staying with overnight at the hospital. I hated the nights Dale would keep watch because he was a very meek man and the nurses could easily push him around. The strangest thing about my last three weeks of incarceration was the fact that I thought I spent it in NICU was on the ground floor in tiny, cramped, and filthy room with sliding glass doors that could be shut which made it positively claustrophobic. (to be continued)

Pictured - Dale and Me the X-Mas after getting out of Presbyterian Hospital

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  1. He hit you out of anger at one point?! Did you write about that part before?!

    Thanks for continuing your story. One last thing, comments aren't readily seen when you click to see a comment and I think it's because it's white writing on a white background.

    When I highlight the web page, it shows up in the highlighting, and can be read that way.


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