Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Story Chapter Seven Part 5

The next morning found the blue skies cloudless and sunny. It was a Sunday so there was only a skeleton crew working when Eric returned to my room to find me soundly sleeping but breathing and laying awkwardly. His anger had mellowed over night and quickly turned to concern when his greatest efforts could not revive me. He promptly asked Dale, our friend, to keep trying while he went to try and summon a nurse.
Eric finally found a couple of nurses who tried the standard consciousness tests on me. They tried rubbing my sternum with their knuckles … no response. Then they tried pinching my earlobes … my eyes opened and then rolled back in my head. That’s when the commotion started. First, a doctor had to be paged then a neurological technician had to be summoned along with an x-ray tech and Eric was furious because I still wasn’t on a air mattress or wearing orthopedic boots and I already had two deep sores on my heels.
After I’d finally seen the doctor, the specialists, and all the tests run and everything thing was completely sorted out the news was grim indeed. I had suffered a lung collapse which in turn caused the coma because my brain went so long with so little oxygen. I also had to be moved again so it was back on a gurney for me headed for NICU. (Neurological Intensive Care Unit) to be contin.

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