Monday, November 29, 2010

My Story Chapter Seven Part 2

When I woke up, remained in a coma,  regained consciousness, kept dreaming? I was back in my hospital bed and Eric smiling done at me. “How is my little honey today?” he asked. I could not speak because like my first hospitalization I was being intubated and the ventilator made it impossible but I kept trying to show Eric my legs which were burned practically down to the bone by my first night in the acid bath. He seemed to quickly look at them and agreed they were a little thin but once we got home he and my attendants would build them back up with my range of motion exercises that I wasn’t getting there. I pleaded with him with my eyes, “Please look what they’ve done to my legs!” He kept pulling my blankets up and I kept trying to push them down. Soon I could hear one of nurses coming to give my meds which had to be pushed into nasal canula that was fed the whole way into my stomach. So this time when Eric pulled the covers up over me I let them be.
The nurse couldn’t have been sweeter as she took my vitals and chatted politely with Eric. I tried to get a good look at her name plate so I could keep a mental note of the people trying to hurt me if I got out of this place alive. But her credentials could not be read because the tag was flipped over backward. I peered more intently. It hadn’t merely flipped over it was being deliberately worn backwards to hide her identity. From that moment hence, I made a point of looking at EVERYONE who worked in the hospital who came into room to see if I could identify them by their name tag and found that everyone from the lowliest floor sweeper to highest neurological specialist wore their identification this way!
The next thing I knew Eric was gone, he didn’t even say goodbye, and I found myself in another room. The nurse’s station was just outside my door and I was eavesdropping on their conversation. They were planning my death, sacrifice to the dark forces, and ultimately my disappearance from the hospital. They were still planning to melt the flesh from body with strong acid solution starting at my feet and working upward pouring it over my head last. Their first try was not as successful as they had wanted so the leader of the coven, the small nurse with the long brown hair Vicky, solicited a new witch to change the recipe of the acid to make it ten times as strong. The solution is so strong it actually catches the skin on fire on contact. My heart was racing in terror and I stirred noticeably. One of the nurses came into my room to check to see if I was still asleep. For some reason I could not keep my eyes closed the entire way to fool them into thinking I was sleeping. They wouldn’t keep discussing the morbid details of black ritual while they thought I was listening so I was left alone to wonder when, where, why, and how these evil nurse witches were going to kill and dispose of my body.
It seemed as if I was dreaming within a dream and I was looking at myself from above. All I could see lying on the hospital bed was blackened yellowish skeleton and for some reason I just knew how they were going to rid of what was left of my corpse. The evil witch nurses and doctors who were also in on it, had chosen Vicky to make the sacrifice and then they would throw my crushed bones in the Monongahela River in PA. As I lay there I imagined what it would be like to have the flesh melted off my feet and have the acid slowly eat its way up my ankles, lower legs and knees. Burn the flesh, muscle, tendon, and blood from thighs, privates, buttocks and finally start working on my internal organs. I wondered how much agony I would have to endure before it killed me and I was afraid…very, very afraid. Why was this happening? And where was Eric? ( to be continued )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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